The problem is that nobody really knows where the Single Eye or Third Eye is



The problem is, that nowadays all people say: “Here is the seat of the soul, meditate over here!” – between and behind the two eye-brows. But it is a big problem that nobody really knows where the seat of the soul or the Single Eye is. What happens at the time of death? Our attention, the outer expression of the soul or consciousness, withdraws from the lower extremities, and transcending the throat ganglion, it goes to the root of the two eye-brows. From there it takes upward-trend, then it takes inward-trend, and where the eyes are crossing, there is the seat of the soul. To say, “Here is the seat of the soul” is easy, but to reach there and to locate it there is very difficult, because just very close to the seat of the soul, a little bit below, there is the seat of the mind and below there is the seat of the intellect.

What do most people do when they meditate? First, they have to overcome the intellect. Maybe they can overcome it, but they cannot overcome the mind. When we create a wish, our mind at once identifies with it. Mind in this physical body is astral.

Everyone has wishes upon wishes, and our mind identifies with them. So when we create a wish to see something, at once our mind identifies with it and will give us the light over there. Mind will show the light at once, whereas the experience taught by Christ and all the competent Masters starts from the darkness and then leads to the holy light.

Dr. Harbhajan Singh


6 comments on “The problem is that nobody really knows where the Single Eye or Third Eye is

    • My dear friend,

      Without someone who can lead us on the inner ways, we easily enter the astral world and do not know that is not our goal, there is still matter and dust mixed with our consciousness, when rising above the three inner worlds to place of pure consciousness, called Sach Khand, then we can see the real light, not the light from the astral places where yogis, munis and rishis are going. Every competent holy person, Master, Teacher, Guro (whatever you may call them) emphasized that a leader who knows these inner places, including its dangers, is necessary. Alone we cannot make it. We cannot even alone overcome our own mind that is so tricky in us, how can we then, when we are not pure enough go to the land of pure consciousness? Impossible, my friend – first we have to be fully familar with the theoretical teaching that is an universal teaching all competent Masters, also Christ, Kabir, Guru Gobindh Singh, Baba Jaimal Singh, Sant Kirpal Singh and more have taught us in the past thousands of years. When we know the theoretical aspects of this ancient teaching, then we can decide if it is our way or not, if we wish to come into contact with inner Light and inner Sound. We also do not go unprepared when going to the university, we first have to pass some examinations before we can go to this university – and our own test is, when we have studied this teaching, is it my way or not – and this decision we only can make ourselves just alone. Sant Kirpal Singh went into the mountains and stayed there a number of days to decide: what comes first the world or God, when He returned, His decision was: God comes first…

      As we think, we become… we adopt the colour of our ideals when living up to it practically.

      Hugs and love, my friend 🙂

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      • So true, Didi. Indeed, God comes first. I must admit that God did not come first at some point in my life. It doesn’t help that in Asian parenting, we’re fed more negative words growing up than positive ones. For a long time, I thought I’m not enough and nothing I did was good enough. So, I do not want the same upbringing for my daughters. I want them to hear positive words every day and to make sure they love themselves and do what they love. Have a lovely day, my friend. (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) ♡

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        • Yes, to have our mind filled with positive words will bear fruit that is sure – from good thoughts, good words are coming and from good words and thoughts, good deeds are comming too.
          Our world is not only poluted by bad air and water but also by our thoughts – we need for children better and stronger values, values of respect and love, more understanding a mong people – but the world is manipulated through some kind of elite and they are the once bringing violence, hate and crime among people. If only our system follow higher values of life our children would see a better world, a peaceful world…
          So as Gandhi has put it: “If you want to see a change in the world, be the change…” The change indeed starts with us, this is our responsibility on our shoulders and every good thought needs to put into practice.
          Thank you very much, dear Patricia for sharing your insight and thoughts with me – I fully appreciate it 🙂
          Hugs and love

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