Accept or reject


All what is good for us we accept
All what we consider bad for us we reject
However, often it turns out later
That it was good medicine for us

How many times
We misunderstood it
How many times
We missed this opportunity…

DidiArtist, 07.07.2018


22 comments on “Accept or reject

  1. So true! Many times we are given exactly what we needed! ( to grow, to learn new lessons, to expand our awareness, etc) despite whether we liked it or not πŸ™‚
    In the end, there is great wisdom behind our experiences… and it’s all for our highest good. Amira
    Have a happy day dear Didi!

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    • Yes, dear Amira and when raining is falling and covers the sun with dark clouds, nevertheless the sun is not away, he is still there – but we often do not recognize the meaning of a situation, of an exchange of thoughts and words among people – especially then, when we consider “rain” which was given to us (with even motives of goodwill) as a bad thing for us – then we start to blame the other who has poured rain on us, which we misinterpreted as “rain” as we do not know the motives, the intentions behind that so-called “rain” given. We often lose us in speculations and expectations and land in thoughts of prejudices without really knowing the motives of the other and turn them into our “rain”, in something which we do not like. We blame the other of missing respect, egoistic reactions, but cannot accept the present we have got and reject it. But if we blame someone, we only blame ourselves without even knowing it… this all happens on the play-ground of the mind.

      Thank you very much, dear Amira πŸ™‚
      A great day to you too

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