Spaces full of worlds
On streets of life
Travelling strewn at large
Meetings and greetings

Brains behind shapes
Illusive securities
Walls of separations
Unheared thoughts

Informative floods reach
The seat of being
Overcome borders:
Place of loneliness

Pool of thoughts react
Cause ripples of brain-waves
Penetrate barriers – establish
Cosmic-neural connections

Thoughts slop over
Become ramified with foreign worlds
Brains – in interactions
No longer secret, no loneliness…

The moral of this poem:
When we think bad of someone
It will reach that person one way or another
As our thoughts seek connections…

We are all connected
Are a cosmic neural network

We are a mirror of our own thoughts…

DidiArtist, 24.09.2018


21 comments on “Reflection

  1. Wow. The visual is superb, the content of the poem makes sense. Hate produces more hate, I think we can all agree that when you live with hate, you miss out on a lot of things that can make you happy.

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    • Yes, my dear Ragazza – yes and hate veils our love – has in fact the focus on violence as hate starting in our head as thoughts is mostly a reaction when we were hurt. But when we keep our head clean from
      those dark clouds then we have sunshine in us, not matter what people say to us, or treat us badly.
      From heart to heart


    • When we are fully aware of it, we can no longer hurt anyone – as God see all, even our thoughts – but often we cheat not only others, but also ourselves.

      Thanks, my dear Yonnie
      Have a great weekend
      Hugs and love 🙂

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