22 comments on “Forgive and forget

  1. Oh yes, just let it go your ego and missionary ambitions because enlightenment will not occur when you continue posting so much here in the digital world which means nothing at all. Just a friendly advice by a secular open-minded person which will not be repeated again. You may simply ignore this, but the world remains wide and open in any case. Take care and good luck!

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    • Dear Ulli

      If you have lets say 260 followers and someone like me (one of your followers), sends “relatively” many posts to the wordpress community – then it looks different in your reader menu than in mine, because I have almost 4 times as much as you have – it means that in my reader menu I appear quite seldom within a certain time and within the whole posts sent by all my followers. This all is relative indeed and needs to be seen from a neutral point of view (not a blaming one) – then if you point to my ego that it is a matter of ego, it provides that you know my motives with which I send these posts. You may speculate about them (about my motives), but you do not know it for certainty, because you are not sitting in my heart and head, it is just an assumption… – when we are to quick with our judging, it always results in prejudices not really based on how the reality is. Besides, also the quantity of my post sent varies, it is not always the same, sometimes more, sometimes less and shouldn’t it be up to the writer’s free will and decision, how many photos and text he or she is posting? As I said before: It is easy to critsize, but to see one’s own shortcoming with the same passion as we judge others – that is not so easy… If we would do so, we would not have time anymore to see the mistakes in others, but just see our own ones which we then would try to weed out one by one…

      Have a great day

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