Courage and strength



My dear friends all over the world
Life is a roller-coaster
We smile and are happy in good times
And we mourn and cry in bad times

When misfortune knocks at our door
Lets remember to be a beacon
For all lost ships in darkness
In doing so we overcome our own pain

Service and help are the features of light
To give and share unconditionally
To fight poverty and desparation
To bring people on their feet again

Words of hope can encourage
Deeds may reach lost hearts
Enlight their sad fate
To regain forgotten smiles

Let us put our heads and hearts together
Our hands in mutual service and help
To bring courage and strength
To those who suffer

Noone is foreign to us
We are all brothers and sister in Him
We all are one family – human beings…

DidiArtis, 03.10.2018


42 comments on “Courage and strength

  1. Yes, dear Didi, you are so correct. We are all one in God, and by healing others we also heal ourselves. Such important words that too few comprehend in our world today. May your Light continue to shine brightly for others to see!!!! jen

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    • Thank you, my dear Jen – in November I am travelling to India again, to Kirpal Sagar, a place for whole mankind where selfless service for the needy and poor people can be done. I see the sense of my life also in service to man, service to land, service to the souls and by this service to God.
      In thankfulness

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      • I am glad to hear, Didi, that you are going back to volunteer again at Kirpal Sagar. It brings such an important message to the world and powerfully represents humanityโ€™s capacity to bring unity and healing. May your service be a blessing to you, as it surely will be to others!

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        • Thank you very much, my dear Jen – yes this is a place where many people come and help from all over the world – there all religions are respectfully under one roof and one can develop spiritually there too. Thank you so much, dear Jen – your words make me happy ๐Ÿ™‚
          All good wishes from heart to heart

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    • Indeed, my dear friend Ragazza ๐Ÿ™‚
      And words alone do not help – we have to put our good thoughts and words also into practice.
      Yes, the world is really in need of it – we have to bring new ethic values to our world, to give the world hope and courage – each of us can contribute what is possible .
      All good wishes to you, my friend


  2. Life is fleeting and we are all in this dream world where our movie is going on this big screen called Universe and where we are all puppets in our Universal God who knows what he is doing. Lovely and profound poem of Truth and Reality, Didi. Thanks so much for your lovely words.

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