Seed of life

Nothing comes from nothing
But life comes from life
All is already there
Sleeping as a seed of time

Life itself manifests
Is dormant in Nothing and All
Expresses its light
Along the breath of time

Oneness bears no life, no death
But a move- and formless Being
Ready to give birth
A life within a life

Dream of here and now…

DidiArtist, 06.01.2019


19 comments on “Seed of life

  1. This is so incredibly beautiful, Didi. So peaceful and calming. It’s as if you captured the feeling of floating on that river of time and seeing the past and future not as good or bad but just as they are . . . as manifestations of seeds that were planted long ago. And at every moment there are seeds waiting for their moment live and then pass away, as the Infinite Eternal Unity keeps unfolding over time. From heart to heart, jen

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    • Thank you very much, my dear Jen πŸ™‚
      I am very much pleased and feel honoured that you like it so much. I tried to express the Oneness in which the opposites: day and night, good and bad, time and space and life and death are there (from the level of the mind) and are not there from the level of the soul (Oneness in Him) – so we live in a dream and think we are but this what connects us all: the consciousness that you are that he is that she is that I am that we are and so forth – is the same present awareness which each person and each animal, all living creatures have, although we are all separated, feel and think seeminly separated – but this being and awareness is present in all of us and is the source of the ONE, the drop in the same Ocean. This is really difficult to explain with words – however, this all is a dream, an illusion, but nevertheless we are all part of Him in Him. Duality is in the end just our mind which perceives everything in a separating way. Thank you so much, my dear friend πŸ™‚
      Love, light and happiness to you
      From heart to heart

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      • Very difficult to express in words, indeed, my dear friend, but such a deep Truth, and a Truth available to any person along any religious Path who is willing, with a heart full of love and awe, to surrender his or her ego to the Ocean of Unity and exist even momentarily outside the duality of mind.
        You are a great blessing to me, Didi β€” thank you for sharing your words, your Light, and your Love!! jen

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        • Thank you, my dear friend Jen πŸ™‚
          As Sant Kirpal Singh has put it: “Not necessary to dig new wells (relegions), but everyone can stay in his religious surrounding. Important is that we develop there: That Christian become a good Christian, A Jew a good Jew, a Moslem a good Moslem…” The common denominator of all religions is LOVE and Humanity. On the level of Man we see us all as human beings under the same sun, we breath all the same air and are born the same way and have to leave the same way. So we are all in the making and when we delop love for everyone (not seeing the mistakes of everyone, but seeing the good things in him or her, seeing that we are all part and drop of the same Ocean), then we also develop humanity and as a real human we overcome all traps of our mind with the Grace of God. Love is consciousness, is light, is real life, is essence of our Being in Him – so we have to become conscioius in all our doings, in all our words and thoughts to spread the message: Love for everyone…

          Sending you a big hug from my heart to yours

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    • Thank you very much, dear friend Savvy πŸ™‚
      May you and your family and the whole world be blessed that consciousness and understanding may bloom all over the world.
      Hugs and love to you


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