Dry Within



Outside we may appear like a fertile garden
Full of fruit trees and lush vegetable beds
Which represent our fulfilled wishes
But inside we are dry, barren land

As we have not yet drunk the water of life…

DidiArtist, 03.04.2017


6 comments on “Dry Within

    • Thanks, dear friend πŸ™‚

      When the oxygen in the airplane becomes thin, breathing masks fall down and before helping the old, infirm and children, you have to put on the mask yourself – or if your own house is burning, then we have to extinguish it, then it is possible to help others to protect their house from burning. We ourselves must first walk the spiritual path to understand what it means, what it is, only then we can help others on this path without being selfish.

      Selfless service to man, to land, to our soul, and to God belong to the very noble ideals on the path of spirituality.

      All the best, my friend and stay safe and healthy πŸ™‚


        • Dear friend,

          This is a link about Masters and so-called masters – there some creteria to find out whether a Master is competent or just still a prisoner within the 3 worlds (of matter and dust: physical plane, astral plane, causal plane) – a competent Master can really give you a first-hand experience by rising you above the body-consciousness. Inside there is a plane that is of pure consciousness where no matter is mixed any longer with our consciousness. Here is the link:


          We have to find out ourselves who is a real Master, or just a so-called master. If our longing for God is really true then God Himself will make arrangements for the seeker after truth to be connected with the truth. Our prayer should come deep from our heart that we may not get lost in the clutch of negative false phrophets who would lead us astray: it is a very serious matter of life and death. God knows our hearts and He will help those who really want Him, who are not after worldly possession, money, title etc., who do not wish to have super-powers or run after things that are in fashion dictated by the mainstream. Would any true Master accumulate any material things? No, surely not. Half-truths are not enough, and even it is not enough to have experiences from the astral plane – this all is Maya and Illusion. It will not bring us forward but rather backwards in our spiritual development and it may take a long long time before we get the chance again to come back as a human being which is a golden opportunity as only in the man-body man can go back to his true Home with the help of a competent Master in which God is working.

          In the Bible we have that 100000 of false prophets are coming and today when looking around,
          there are indeed many many so-called master. How to differentiate?

          A true Master never claims he is a Master – all thank goes to his Master (then he is not the Doer, but God who works in him – only ego is the doer…)
          A true Master is able to give a real first hand experience, the inner light and sound, not the astral light or even artifical sound.
          A true Master is not building fenses, but unites all, sees all in One
          A true Master respects the free will
          A true Master has his own income and is not dependent on others
          A true Master has overcome the five thieves in us: Ego, lust, attachment, anger, greed
          A true Master is a living example for mankind
          A true Master is not gathering thousands and millions of so-called disciples, is not after them
          A true Master lives and works not for himself but only as a service to man
          A true Master stands up for the needy and helpless people

          …and there more criteria to differentiate between a so-called master and true Master.

          Find out yourself, dear friend, where Osho stands…

          The world is never without those holy competent Masters, and there maybe one in a billion… Now, in the Golden Age the divine law changes – there is now a direct connection to God.

          Thank you for your question, dear friend – the answer you will find in your heart…
          All the best


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