Spoilt world



Power dictates what is good
What is bad
What is in fashion
What meaning one should have

Manipulation throughout the world
With money ruling along
Tailored egos, minds
Smell of egoistic ideals

Baits attract the mind
Packed in wishes
To bind attention
Injection of deceptive dreams

Confused people – victims of the system
Walk about with greedy eyes
Coloured in blood-red
Lustfully gaze through eyes hypnotized

Pink sky filled with endless wishes
Screaming market – ecstasy
Of more and more
Better and higher

Lost ideals sink in these clouds
Swamp of decadence
Battle between winners and losers
Heads falling down like leaves

Listen searcher of the truth
Keep your ideals high
And lead a life in light
Be a beacon in the night…

DidiArtist, 26.01.2019


21 comments on “Spoilt world

  1. Another beautiful poem dear Didi! It’s time for humanity to empower themselves and become sovereign, to think for themselves and not be guided like sheeple, to search for truth and anchor the light and the search for the truth! Thank you dear friend for the inspiration and the call to the light!

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    • Indeed, dear Amira 🙂
      We are told so many lies. The truth is that when people would know the truth those ugly power men (and shadow government) would no longer be able to control mankind as they do it now… But another time will come and will reveal all their wrongdoings, their crime to mankind…
      From heart to heart

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