Dream of life



Empty pages fill up
With life and strength
Words form
Thoughts flow

Presence, a spinning thread
In the seal of light and shadow
Gives expression
Projects reality

Looking holds on to itself
Observes how life writes:
Performance, human theatre
Morphing scenery

Ears hear movements
The echo, the trace
The noise of blood
On white paper

Sound and beat of the heart
Make features visible
Dream of Yes and No
Jerk through time and space

Empty pages fill up
In the deep moment
Drawing boundaries
Turning life into duality…

DidiArtist, 09.02.2019


2 comments on “Dream of life

  1. What a beautiful poem dear Didi! It reminds me of a documentary we are watching about quantum physics which Trina recommended called “Everything & Nothing” that explains the duality of our universe which you so poetically and wisely expressed in this poem! Thank you for the inspiration! ā¤ Amira

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    • Thank you, my dear Amira šŸ™‚ – Yes, also in my thoughts there is this content of “all and nothing” depending on the point of view – we are already one, but have forgotten – it is our mind, a kind of separating consciousness with which we perceive the world with our sense organs – that lets all appear all as ONE by ONE in time and space but not as ONE, the timeless and spaceless ONE, the ONE Consciousness which we all belong to.

      I am going to watch those documentaries as well.

      Thank you for your encouraging words, my friend šŸ™‚

      In Oneness

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