My world I dream of


Nations with no borders
Harmony between them
Religions come together
United in God
Brothers and sisters
In one voice
Interchanging help

Wappons burried
No more worried
Sun of unity
Speaking hearts
Hand in hand
Light in words
Truth in deeds

Happiness in every eye
Anchored humanity
In all hearts
Free from violence
From hate and anger
Lust and ego
Detached from wishes

Hand in hand
Bondage of love
Between nations, peoples
Cultures and people
No more wars
Not in words
Not in deeds
But lovely thoughts

United – One
Living truth
Living love
In every house

DidiArtist, 01.07.2017



26 comments on “My world I dream of

  1. If only our dream of cohesive working
    With a feeling of commonness of purpose
    And with brotherhood emotion get final stamp of our God
    Then there will dawn a day
    When there would be no borders
    Which segregate us
    From one person to other
    A feeling of togetherness will dawn
    That day will one day will dawn.


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