17 comments on “Quote: God is One

  1. I love this view of God and it is what I believe too. God is within us all, and we are a part of him. So we are all sacred because God is sacred and the universe is also a part of God and a part of us, and it is sacred as well. This is such a beautiful way of thinking of God, and I believe the one that makes the most sense as well.

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    • Yes, dear Anne 🙂

      Thank you very much for your contribution and comment 🙂

      and when we undestand this Oneness that there is only One and we are in Him then we can honour in each lifeform God in it. Then respect is there for each person, animal and plant as well. Thank you so much, my friend.

      Have a nice weekend

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  2. I often wonder how someone can talk about God being a healing and loving person who forgives all, and in the same breath, condemn anyone who is speaking of God in a different way. Life is full of mystery.

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    • Thank you dear Anne 🙂
      This in fact is our mind. We think that we control our mind but it is our mind that controls us – it changes its colour like a chameleon: In one moment we laugh and in the next moment we cry, in one moment we are happy and shortly after we are sad – we have to become true to ourselves, to others and towards God (and this includes non-violence starting in our head) – When we see God in everyone, then how we can hurt anyone?… Also this is due to our mind as in one moment we think of God and in the next we have forgotten Him…

      Thank you very much my friend and all good wishes

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  3. I so love your response, Didi! You come up with the most amazing things, and in conjunction with The Silent Eye course I have been studying, I am feeling so much light and pure joy inside. It is a miracle really. Suddenly I have begun to write easily and joyfully once again, and to see in this earth things I had forgotten in the way I remembered life from growing up. I feel truly as if I am a brand new person and I look forward to each and every day no matter how small it might seem to others. There is so much depth and beauty just in being alive, and you don’t have to be rich, famous, or to have a lot of things in order to be living in full joy and amazement every day. Thank you so much because your art, and your wisdom and writing fill my soul.

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    • Welcome my dear friend Anne 🙂
      When celebrating each moment of our life in Him, with our thoughts deeply absorbed in God, in gratitude, then we see beauty everywhere and life is one big celebration.

      Have a great time my friend

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    • Hi Freddie,

      I have to correct a small thing: I am a man – Didi is used in Indian as elder sister, but in Europe the name Didi can also arrive from Dieter, Dietrich etc.
      All the best, dear friend 🙂


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