A humble man



Many people feel
Better or higher than others
If they have more money
Have more power
Hold titles
Are highly profiled

They compare
In order to make themselves better
There, no humility is contained…

Only a person with humility and respect
Becomes a real man…

DidiArtist, 16.06.2020


16 comments on “A humble man

    • Right, my friend πŸ™‚
      Kabir, therefore, says: “First comes humbleness, second: humbleness, third: humbleness…

      Story told by Sant Kirpal Singh in His book β€œThe light of Kirpal”

      Ibrahim was a Saint, he was a king who left his kingdom and came to Kabir, lived with Him for three, four years. He was quite obedient and did not ask for anything. Whatever was given to him he would eat. He would do whatever he was told to do, like a bought slave. So Loi, the mother of the house, told Kabir, β€œWell, he is quite ready, will You give him something now?” And Kabir told her, β€œNo, his vessel is not yet ready.” She said, β€œWhat more is wanted? He is very obedient; he does not say anything; whatever you give him, he eats; he never grumbles.” β€œAll right, tomorrow morning when he goes out of the door of the house, you put all of the refuse of the house into a basket and throw it over his head. Then, listen to what he says.” Next morning when Ibrahim went out of the house, Loi put all the house refuse over his head. Ibrahim said, β€œNow! Had this been Bokhara . . .” (He was the king of Bokhara, you see), β€œthis would not have been.” His ego was still there . . . β€œI am a great man living at His door.” When she told Kabir, He said, β€œ1 told you, his vessel is not yet ready.” Then some years passed. He remained there for more than ten years. Then one day Kabir said, β€œNow the vessel is ready.” Loi said, β€œThere is no difference outwardly.” [Kabir:] β€œAll right, tomorrow morning when he goes out, just throw all of the night waste over his head.” The next morning she did so. Ibrahim said, β€œGod, I am worse than that.” And Kabir said, β€œDidn’t I tell you? He’s now ready, you see.”

      Warm regards

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      • Did sir, humbleness pays, but it is not easy to be humble. We have to pass through different hurdles in order to wash off the internal smut and the external direct that is there; or this birth and the births we have taken before. He story of SANT KABIR is most relevant.

        Actually renunciation dawns with difficulty.



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        • Thank you very, much dear Harbhans. Yes, we have to do our own part to become more honest and humble, showing our sincere efforts in every respect, in all life-situations and God may give us the soup to wash away the dirt from us when praying at His feet.
          This all is very complex interaction and requires the Grace of God to make our hearts understand…

          Thank you, dear Harbhans πŸ™‚
          Warm regards

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          • Yes sir, our positive efforts will always help us attain the purpose of our life. Our daily activities mirror of our Karmic deeds or misdeeds. When we have done enough of good deeds, and kept ourselves away from bad ones, for good then we attain a modicum of success. I have found that whenever we do something good, I get inner peace and tranquility which cannot be attained otherwise.

            With warm regards


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            • The Master say: Good things return with good things and bad things with bad things – however, both as a karmic reaction still bind us, still are chains around us: golden chains and irons chains do not let us alone to return to our true Home. The is a kind of Karma.

              Quote by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji:
              there is another form of karma. This is called Neh-karma, karma performed without any attachment or desire for the fruit thereof. You see? This is superior to the other forms of karma, which are more or less a source of bondage. This type helps a little to liberate one from karmic reactions, from bondage. If you do some job without desiring any fruit, that won’t bind you. This is one thing. But so long as the ego is there, how can you not? You won’t feel that you are not the doer. You follow my point? So long as you are the doer, whether you are doing good actions or bad, even at your heart of hearts, you know, β€œI have done good actions,” you see. That will bear forth fruit.”

              Yes, to attain inner peace is necessary too – all develops slowly together to one picture: not the picture or image of ourselves, but slowly when the drop merges with the Ocean and becomes the Ocean, adopts the colour of Him, when all personality, all I-hood, ego, mind in us has disappeared. This is the emptiness of us – then He can take a seat in us….
              Thank you very much, dear friend – for your efforts and contributions, for your great support on my site πŸ™‚
              All the best, my friend πŸ™‚

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              • Thanks a lot for your most relevant and helpful enlightening commentary.

                The insightful quote from SANT JI is very relevant for us humans. if we perform our Karma without thinking about the results of our action then we shall focus on our action only and will not waste our time and energy on results; which would be good if our actions are righteous and focused and according to our conscience. Sant Ji has really given wisdom filled lessons, if followed to the letter, we can gain much in our life.

                Our actions should also be without ego and pride. for our thoughts and actions thereto.

                Thanks and regards


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                • Thanks a alot, my friend πŸ™‚

                  Indeed, Neh-karma means: Do live in the will of God… Then we no longer are responsible for what we do, as we are no longer the Doers… then He is responsible…

                  Thank you, dear Harbhans πŸ™‚
                  All that is good for you

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