Believing in your Self, in my Self



I don’t believe in myself
But I believe in my Self

Between myself and yourself
Mine and thine
There is a vortex
A hidden shrine

Lost and burried
Sand of mind
Noone seemed be worried
Eyes so blind

Possessive hands
Feed the ego
Separating ourselves
From our Selves

You are me
And I am you

So I don’t believe in myself
As I am your Self

So you don’t believe in yourself
As you are my Self…

DidiArtist, 13.03.2017


34 comments on “Believing in your Self, in my Self

  1. This is a wonderful poem, dear Didi. Imagining about the peace and compassion that would pervade our world if every person could approach others from the Self and see our common interests, wanting what is best for Self (“The All”)… that’s a beautiful vision indeed!!! Blessings to you, jen

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    • Thanks, my dear friend Jen ๐Ÿ™‚

      We are all connected in this higher Self – there we are One and with Oneness, being good and do good, according to my Master: “Be Good, do Good and Be One” we can bring a change to the world – a spiritual revolution is on its way…

      Thank you once again for your constructive comment, dear Jen and may God bless you too.

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    • Thank you, dear friend ๐Ÿ™‚ First we have to discover what our Self really is, once we solve this riddle, we also understand the meaning of: “Man know thyself…” It is said: First comes self-realization and then God-realization – to learn that everyting is ONE – nothing is separated from it, only our ego separates , giving us a delusion of this world which is just the shadow of its original…

      All good wishes


  2. We ought to know the difference between myself and my self, yourself and your self etc make the poem most absorbing and meaningful. There is a huge lesson in the poem.



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