Policy versus Spirituality



Policy is business
The bargaining of political games
A play of the mind

Spirituality is humanity
A finding of oneself
A knowing of oneself

Policy: In the shadow of the mind
Spirituality: In the light of the soul

Only when honestly knowing ourselves
We are able to know others
Able to lead others with humanity
Without the games of the cunning mind…

DidiArtist, 24.06.2020


2 comments on “Policy versus Spirituality

    • Just like that, dear friend, therefore, it is better not to critisize anyone, but concentrate on all mistakes which are present in us, to weed them out one by one. In doing so we have no time anymore to critisize others (it is only a way to make ourselves better than others, there is no humbleness in it) – when starting to focus on our own mistakes it is like this: on a grass there maybe many small holes, when pouring water into it, insects (our mistakes) come out – the process of consciousness to become aware of our own mistakes continues and our spirit to recognize mistakes becomes sharper and sublimer. So when pouring more and more water in the the small holes in the grass, more insects, which we were not aware of before, come out. This is a big learning process and will last the whole life. In doing it we will learn the functioning of our own mind provided we are very strict with ourselves, very honest.

      Thank you, my dear friend and all the best to you 🙂

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