The world: A Cabinet of mirrors



Our thoughts, deeds, and words
Are a ping-pong game
Between two worlds:
Subject and object
Or a reflection
Between two mirrors…

We are a reflection of the mirror
Behind a hidden world…

Shadow of a light behind…

DidiArtist, 30.11.2019


8 comments on “The world: A Cabinet of mirrors

    • My dear friend,

      These strong relationships that we humans have with each other (unfortunately not in general) presupposes a belief in faithfulness, love, humanity, which exerts an influence on society and leads us to valuable ideals. Another faith, our relationship with God, strengthens these ideals. The ideals of helping each other, service to man, service to our country, service to God and our own soul with respect and generosity, understood love that we are all one as brothers and sisters in Him.

      In the course of human development, survival has often become necessary, but this is not our primary goal, otherwise, there would be no real goal just to survive. Regarding this subject once I wrote a poem:

      Sense of life: – A merry-go-round?

      Is it the sense and purpose of life
      To be after money and wealth
      To fulfil “all” wishes?

      Is it the sense and purpose of life
      To start founding a family
      Which in turn starts founding a family?

      Is it the sense and purpose of life
      To strive for power and prestige
      As a legacy for posterity?

      Or is it the sense and purpose of life
      To develop as human being
      To step out of this copied circle?

      Is it the sense and purpose of life
      To build one’s house on transient sand
      To call this house home?

      Or is it the sense and purpose of life
      No longer to be the “Doer”
      But to be a tool in God’s hands?

      Our true home is timeless
      It is the temple in each of us
      Let’s build upon it – as human beings…

      Everything is subject to time up to timelessness
      Our real home in God…

      The sun-beam coming home
      To its source…

      DidiArtist, 25.01.2017

      Indeed, dear friend, if we would find more and more chaos in the relationship among people it would break mankind apart sooner or later – unfortunately, this risk is there. And to build up a functioning society means also to share the work, working together, living together with respect and understanding among each other.

      Thank you very much for your precious words 🙂
      All that is good for you.
      Hugs and love

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