10 comments on “Stars are born

    • Thank you very much, dear Yonnie πŸ™‚
      Yes, I like to make experiments with filters and about 6-8 different image processing software. Digital art is a great way to express your own poems and words…
      All the best, my friend
      Hugs and love πŸ™‚


  1. No pain,no gain. Sometimes. the reality of life dictates it to be so. Everything happens for a reason to exist,even the concept of pain. No easy way out at times. Nut O guess, after the storm, the rainbow appears as well as the sun.

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    • Thanks, my dear friend πŸ™‚
      Life is a roller-coaster with ups and downs, which are fixed on those rails in our life as a kind of pay-back, return of former reactions, good and bad ones, as karmic reactions. In-between their is our limited free will. However, even pain is a lesson to make us understand whereas a mental pain is often much stronger and more difficult to bear than a physical pain. We run through days and nights in the certain rhythm, at the end of we will have to reach a morning that is beyond this rhytm of day and night, a sunshine of our real Home.

      Golden chains and iron chains are based on reactions, a mirror between us and our doings, even between us and our thoughts and words.

      Thank you very much for your profound words and for your support on my blog, dear friend πŸ™‚
      Hugs and love

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