Overflowing love



Sometimes I want to embrace everyone I meet
A stranger or someone known to me
Sometimes overwhelming feelings get on me:
Love for everyone, for the whole creation

In feeling so, oh Lord, I feel you
Everywhere I go, everywhere I am
Tears running from my eyes
Thinking of you, Creator of Life

Moments of flooding happiness
When touching your temple inside me
Wordless words illuminating
Light that whispers gently:

You are Home in my heart
Thankfulness overflowing
Seat of eternal Home
You are the life of my life

DidiArtist, 15.02.2017


31 comments on “Overflowing love

    • Thank you dear Nandita 🙂 Gandhi said: “If we want to see a change in the world we have to be the change.” Starting with ouselves will surely improve the world to become better.

      All good wishes my friend

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    • From inside we are already connected, have a permanent unbreakable meeting as the single drop is merged with the Ocean of Love, Life and Light, of All-consciousness, my dear Eliza – maybe some day we can meet in India as I go to India every year – longing for the One, the Formless, Love personified. I always go to Kirpal Sagar and do Seva for my Master Sant Kirpal Singh, for the poor and needy people, and for my own soul…

      Checkout Kirpal Sagar, my dear friend 🙂

      Hugs and love to you, dear Eliza

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      • Maybe I’ll come to India one day 🙂 What country do you live in? Yeah, we are all connected and part of the same source. I love meeting people who feel the same way about life and the world….

        Love, light and glitter

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        • My dear Eliza,
          I live in Finland, northern part of Europe. Here we have long cold winters. Yes, finding people with same interets and similar thoughts is surely an enrichment in the mutual exchange.
          Sending you much love and many hugs 🙂

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