Praise and Criticism



The praise one has received
Is like a medal at the breast
It bears the name:
Give me something in return…

The criticism one has received
Is like an attached promissory note
It bears the name:
I give you something in return…

DidiArtis, 03.02.2015


17 comments on “Praise and Criticism

  1. Healthy criticism is good for making amendments and praise is good for our motivation to move ahead but undue praise could spell worst for us. HAPPY GURU PURNIMA DIDI SIR. Regards.

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    • Thank you, dear Harbhans 🙂

      as everything is realive depending from the angle of view we are looking at certain things, Your statement is correct and when we analyze it from the level of the mind, then we can be sure that our mind does not perform a healthy critisism (not generally and there may be rare exceptions) – in general our mind is ego-oriented and has always some kind of ulterior motives to use situations to benefit from knowingly or even unknowingly. In our whole world there may be only a few people who really have a clean mind, most of us have a selfish mind – if this would be different, our whole world would be much better, but this is not the case. When starting to look into ourselves, to analyze ourselves, we will be so busy that we will not have any time anymore to criticize others, but to weed out our own shortcomings. Sure, when seeing someone is doing something that is really not good, then we should speak to him or her under 4 years with very friendly words and tell him or her that this is not good – in this way it is ok and not really considered as a kind of criticism. Praise and criticism come from the same coin – to keep an untouched attitude towards criticism and praise is surely the right way, as it will not attach us in either way. However, from a another point of view as mentioned by you, it is also correct.

      Thank you very much, dear friend and have a good start in this new week 🙂

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      • Yes sir, ‘praise and criticism come from the same coin’ and we should keep in mind that if both are healthy, we can refine ourselves accordingly and live life to realize the purpose of our existence.

        Your comments are really enlightening and I learn from these immensely.🙂🙂

        With profound regards.

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          • Your sagacious and most informed knowledge gained through your practical experience is really laudable. THANKS you ever so much for being open and always clarifying our viewpoints. 😀😀

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                    • Yes, also for me it would be very great to meet you personally, dear Harbhans 🙂
                      This year I will not go to India since there is still quite much risk and it may not even be possible to travel there. However, next year, if I am still alive and healthy, so God will and the corona situation has come back to a normal life through vaccinations, then it is possible to meet you.
                      From heart to heart 🙂

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                    • Didi sir, God will create situations and conditions for meeting of minds and souls since when His grace comes, we humans cannot guess even.

                      This year or the next, or whenever it is destined lets see. But we always are interacting with each others till then. It has been quite an education.

                      With profound regards


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