Roots of evil



The roots of evil in our world
Is in the core of each single person:
Our ego!

From there all power struggles start
On a smaller as well as on a larger scale…

It runs rampant with its attributes:
Hate, greed, anger, carnal desires and attachments

Such is our world – rooted in each other –
Highest time to be aware
Of the wheelings and dealings of our ego
Which thrives on the fact to gain advantage
By taking and stealing from others

Highest time, to keep it under control –
Its thoughts, words and deeds

Wanted: Each of us! –
For a better world…

How do we do it?
With honesty towards ourselves and others
With respect and self-criticism –
Instead of critizing others

Lets change to change the world…

DidiArtist, 28.10.2016


38 comments on “Roots of evil

  1. But Ego is needed to move or act or do, our individual will creates the parallels we see of darkness and light. Unless we are or have “enlightened” with ‘ego of truth’, it feels we are destined to cause ripples in the lake.

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    • Of course we are all developed in our surroundings with certain idologies, education and tradition that form us now in the society it seems that only money counts ant this points at our ego – I do not think when a small child comes to live in the world that it already acts or reacts according to ego – this is a process that gradually is taught by the society, parents, religion, ethic and moral and prevailing idealogies. To go away from our own ego: it is a start of doing “selfless service” for other, when we sacrifice our wishes, overcome personal wishes and live and do for others as Saints and holy person have shown us with their lives as living examples.

      Cause and effect leave always ripples or traces – but there is also a secrete behind: are we the doers or is He the Doer – it depends on our motives – so two same things executed need not necessarily be the same result: if you do something with ego or if you do something without ego, for example when you live in the Will of God – then He is responsible for you, but when we live and do with our ego, then we are responsible and cause ripples in the mirror, a bumerang, an echo that comes back to us.

      Hope, I could explain it to you clearly and made myself understood.

      Have a good time, dear Sam

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  2. Dear Sam,

    We also will learn that this life is split in opposites, is just a dream, a grand delusion – as everything is One, not separated from each other – only our mind and ego let the things be separated. When dreaming we awake and know it was a dream – but we do not know that this life is just another level of a dream – so we have to awake in Oneness: then there are no questions and answers anymore, all is one, together, day and night, time and space – a moveless eternity which has no words to express. Kabir said: “The whole world is sleeping…”

    Kind regards

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