Being different



We people often think that other people
Have to be as we want them to be
But most likely this leads
To misunderstandings, confrontations

We have to learn to respect
That people are different
According to their own background and development.

Live and let live…

DidiArtis, 15.06.2019


33 comments on “Being different

  1. I have read lots of book on this topic by – achary Rajnish, achary sri Ram Sharma, Gorkhnaths yoga, Patanjali yoga etc n attended Patanjali n Munger yoga sessions. All the books are great.
    But this one is an excellent book. I loved both the parts. Best part of the book is example of all religions and details about religious masters.

    Few years back, I read Kuran and Bible to understand the core meaning or the above religion. But I couldn’t understand clearly. The last part of this book explained the zests of all the religions beautifully and clearly .
    Sometimes I feel as I am a seed. Waiting for a guru/ master who can guide me how to grow. This book says almost the same thing. I am still praying and waiting for a spiritual guru .
    Thanks for the link Didi. Love and light ! Lots of blessings.

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    • Welcome, my friend 🙂 In Kirpal Sagar is also library where one can study a comparison of the different religions – the common denominator of all religions is love and non-violence – so there is one religion in which all religions find there place: the Religion of Love, the drop of water in the Ocean of Oneness and Unity.

      Sant Kirpal Singh Ji and Kabir came both from the highest level, the Absolute God, God who worked and work 100% in both of them. Normally it is said that a living (competent) Master is necessary, but we are now in the change of time and approach the Golden Age (Yuga) – in this Age the God-power which was and is working in Sant Kirpal Singh and Kabir Sahib is working now directly. When Master Sant Kirpal Singh left the body he said to his devoted disciple (a Gurmukh, who is the mouth-piece of the teaching of the competent Masters) Dr. Harbhajan Singh: That this power will continue Its work and that he needs not to fear. Some years earlier before He left the body (Kirpal), he ordered Dr. Harbhajan Singh to record the 5 loaded words (each of them stands like password for the inner worlds) with which a disciple is initiated. And this power continues to take care of His disciples. In Kirpal Sagar and In Austria initiation take place, but first the interested disciple has to decide himself or herself he this is the way he or she wants to live: no alcohol, no cigarrets or drugs, vegetarian food (lacto or vegan), no eggs and has to get to know some books that Master has written to be prepared. In this way you can decide what you really want. So if you are really interested, dear Rekha, then I can fully recommend you to take my Master Sant Kirpal Singh as your Guru. Know one thing: there are 1000000 of so-called masters. They claim to be the Master, they violate the free will, they take the money from the disciple, they create a village within a village, but they cannot give you a real First-hand-experience where you can see the inner light and hear the inner sound. So, please, be very careful.

      There was a competent Master with his disciples going through the forest and one disciple pointed to a worm which he discovered on the ground. The worm was surrounded by many ants and the Master said: “This was a so-called master, now his disciples are eating him…” My Master also said: Do not believe in the words of the Master until you See youself…

      here is another link in hindi:
      The book is called: “Godman” written by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji

      In this connection I found one quote:
      “Even the mirror does not reflect unless you see into it…”

      Have a great time, my friend.

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    • Only same recognizes same, means that when we have made similar experience in good or bad times we can understand people in joy or pain.

      Thank you very much, dear Khumalo L 🙂
      Warm regards


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