Let God live in our attention



Wherever we go
Let’s take Him with us

He lives in our heart
Knows our thoughts

There is no way
To hide from Him

Our knowledge should be a reminder
He is always with us

Our love for Him will grow
As we become aware of our sins

Cheating us, cheating Him
It will not work

We run against self-built walls
Reap what we sow

Forget Him in turning our face
To this and that

So let us enter Him
Into our attention

And become One with Him…

DidiArtis, 05.12.2019


26 comments on “Let God live in our attention

  1. We can’t hide or run because we are a part of the source. Although, we’ll only connect as much as we decide to do so. In as much as we tune into it.

    Hope today brings awesomeness your way.

    Love, light and glitter

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    • Thank you my dear Eliza 🙂
      Indeed, as we are part or drop of the Ocean, we are not separated from it, ehat only separates us is our ego and mind – when going inside we can see that we are all One…
      Love and light to you, my friend 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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