Religion for everyone




Kirpal Sagar – all World-Religions peacefully under one roof

There is no truth
Just for one religion
For one group or nation
Or for a few persons

Real truth includes all
Is not separated
Is not changeable
Is love for all

Real religion respects all religions
Is the higher religion for man
With right understanding
One in Oneness

Love is the connecting link
The all-embracing religion
Religion of unity
Religion of Oneness, of love

Separation causes aversion
Resentment and envy
When excluding others
We see “separated, conditioned love”

Unity connects all hearts
In love and respect
Is divine beauty
Oneness without comparation

Let us practise love
In service to man
In service to our land
In service to God

This will bring us together
From man to man
From Nation to nation
From religion to religion

We all are one family
All in One

DidiArtist, 29.07.2018


15 comments on “Religion for everyone

    • Thank you very much, dear Amira and the biggest trick of the mind is to mix the truth with elements of lies or half-truths – so that most of us are confused and are not able to separate the wheat from the chaff, even without noticing, knowing. This is a very big problem in the world. Only with the sharp sword of right understanding (which is also given by the Grace of God through the pole of a competent Master) it is possible not to fall into this well-prepared trap by the mind. And each of us has to find the way out of this trap and understand it in its full scope. As long we sit in this trap, without even knowing, we will defend “our carefully aquireed knowledge” and hold it with claws and teeth. It is time to understand what is what…

      Thank you dear Amira
      Have a great day in peace and harmony

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    • Dear friend,

      That is correct: “as long as their are doctrines….” – however, the project Kirpal Sagar has shown that a peaceful togetherness of the world-religions are possible. There were already two majour world-conferences and the speakers of different religions were in harmony and showed respect to each other. If this is possible in a small frame, then it may also be possible in larger frame, maybe even world-wide – but of course it is a matter of development a growing together, thus a matter of time and as Sant Kirpal Singh has put it: “We can overcome our different views and creeds when meeting on the level of man…” – there we are all the same…
      It is good to see that such a place is already existing. And one living example can even trigger an avalanche… so first of all we have to become a real man with human attributes: serving and helping others and live everything not in words, but in practice.

      Thank you very much, for your execellent contribution, dear friend πŸ™‚
      All good wishes


      • I agree with the idea that people of different faiths can sit down at a table together and come to peace. But as long as their doctrines still oppose each other, the peace is only as tentative as the personalities at the table.

        No lasting peace can exist unless the religious texts are edited to remove final and absolute pronouncements about belief.

        I would love peace, but have no hope of it as long as religious ideals are still held.

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        • That is why people have to change themselves as Gandhi used to say: “If you want to see a change in the world, be the change…” this process must come from inside and then go like waves over the globus – sure, many things need to be changed too in this process. The more people develop as man, see the unity at the level of man, the bigger the changing process. Maybe this still takes a long time, but in some hundred years also religions may grow together – as there is the always the quarrel who is right, who has the right faith – and fights are often delt only with names. Sant Kirpal Singh had respect to all religion and said that no new wells (religions) are needed to be digged out, but instead a Christian should become a good Christian and the same with the other religions. Then those people will overcome their own barriers (that their religions have created as a separation to the others and in fact as a separation to man) as it was done by Kabir, Rumi, Shamez e Trabez, Baba Sawan Singh, Guru Nanak etc. – We do not only find problems within religions, but the root of all problems lies in man itself. So with policy for example we will not find a change as well – this is as well fragile – as we could see in the last few thousand years. The real problem is our ego and mind and as long as we are controlled by it – striving for power, poverty, poor and rich people will see the light of this world. That is why the Saints tell us: Man know thyself – only when learn all the tricks of our mind with which it meets us daily, then we can start to control us ourselves. Most people are under control of this mind and we have not taken care of it, because everyone thinks to know himself or herself. Unfortunately this is not the case – this self-analysing is called spitituality (man know thyself) – we all have ego, pride, lust, anger, even hate and other colours of the mind in us which can change its colour from one moment to the next. Indeed, it controls us. When looking deep in ouselves, through experiences we learn to understand our own mind with strict honesty towards ourselves.

          We all want peace and love – what do we do for it? – in our practical life – can we love everyone? can we make peace with everyone? … If we cannot do it, how can we expect peace and love allover the world – so we must develop ourselves…

          Thank you, dear friend
          May the day come when there will be peace on earth, this can only happen in a state of conscious development. Christ said: He loves the sinner, but not his sins… – this I call a really noble soul.


          • I really honestly appreciate your words. But no offense, you did not speak to my comment at all.

            As long as the religious books are hateful, the people can be convinced to be hateful. The books need to change or go away.

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            • Isn’t it so that people can only hate, when they are not developed? And as long as those people are able to hate they would also hate other things not just what the ruling church has written, also wrongly in the books. A person who is developed would he not see no longer the mistakes in other people, mistakes even in books? Forgive and forget belongs to it too. And as long there is hate in any form, in any way, any field, can there be love, love for all? There may always be people who have hate and aversion to this and that – this alone is due to their own angle of view, their experiences they have made, theΓ­r background and understanding etc. – When a person starts to develop him- or herself then this person is no longer looking to the mistakes of others – but tries to weed out his or her own mistakes. It is our mind that sees the mistakes in others, but we do not do it in the same strictness with ourselves. Then we become also more humble, more respectful as what I see in others is in fact the mirror to myself, is in myself too… violence starts in our thoughts and hate cannot be removed with hate,fights will always end in new fights – so isn’t it better to have a generous heart and see no longer the mistakes in others, in religions, in policy, in other people? – this would only end into an endless fight – (which we see in our world – just like that) – so the only solution is as I have mentioned: to weed out one’s own mistakes and develop a generous, a noble heart.

              Hate is not just limited to religions or what was written in the books, theatening people with hell and punishment – it lies within the man – and this root must be taken out…

              Thank you, dear friend


  1. I do not consider religions as ridiculous, they have also one purpose: to remember God – they may have their weakness too, through wrong translations and own additions, through wars and inquisition, but that does not mean that they are in general bad, that everything is bad – that would be unfair as there are many many beautiful parts speaking of love and peace and oneness. But we humans tend to see when there is one black spot that the whole thing is black… we love it to generalize – and this is also due to our mind… if you have a spot in you, are you then totally black?

    Have a great time


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