13 comments on “Conflict

  1. Words of Truth and Reality, Didi. Our karmas are so powerful that it will take a million years to know who we Really Are. Our karmas keep on binding us on a chain which is so difficult to erase like a stain on a cloth, takes us lifetimes to clean the stain.

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  2. Refusing to accept “what is” Because we are so caught up in “what we think it should be”. We know the truth, we continue to dismiss it. And our being is now a battle field. Thanks for sharing

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    • Welcome, dear friend 🙂

      Yes, indeed it is our mind that stands in between the truth and us, always interfers, always wants deny as things are and it scatters our attention in all directions.

      Thank you very much, my friend and have a great time.
      All the best to you and yours 🙂

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