14 comments on “Dreams come true

    • The problem is that most of all people in the world do not know what really is meant with reality – our true reality is not outside (this all is maya, illusion, since our senses separate everything in duality, in the separation: I and you, here I am and there is God – but there is nothing outside us, beside us as we are all part of the One and Oneness…) – it lies inside and can only be experienced when we rise above our body-consciousness, rise above the 3 worlds: physical, astral and causal plane – there in Sach Khand, plane of pure consciousness without any matter, we can see the reality that everything is One that we are part of the One…

      Thanks for sharing, my dear friend Harbans ๐Ÿ™‚
      All the best

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      • Indeed everything starts from us and ends with us only but we have to be aware of this aspect. Self-awareness is the main plank which helps us to know our own sphere of activity. We actually seek everything outside of us and remain oblivious of what is contained in us thereby putting us nowhere at all.

        Sach Khand plane really can contribute for our forward movement.



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