Change for the Better



Stability makes life flourishing
Peace creates stability

Tolerance bridges differences of opinion
Respect for each other creates tolerance

Common ground strengthens understanding
Overcoming differences creates common ground

Differences lead to enrichment
Fair sharing creates togetherness

Love for all people, animals, and plants unites
Compassion creates this love

Not where we separate us is the hope
But where we connect us as human beings…

DidiArtist, 12.07.2020


10 comments on “Change for the Better

  1. Didi sir, all good things put together make huge difference in our existence and creates detached mindset and a balance in our life which helps fulfill the porposoe of our life. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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    • Of course, the good things that we consider as good also depend on our understanding. But since there is no uniform understanding among human beings, depending on the individual development of each person, depending on the parental and social upbringing, shaping us for man-making from childhood onwards, depending on our different experiences and different backgrounds (also including karmic reactions), this man-making can be both positive and negative. Negative, then, is the ignorance of the heart of the understanding, which is what makes many misunderstandings possible.

      Unfortunately, we are all, with a few exceptions that are untouched by the states of mind, slaves of our mind and our mind is a slave to our outgoing-oriented senses. Therefore, an apparent balance is mostly only possible on the level of the mind, which is actually subject to fluctuations. Our mind is not stable, it is like a ship on the high sea, swaying in all directions on the waves of sensory impressions.

      Certainly, each of us carries within the heritage of becoming a human being, that is, becoming a real human being, in humility and respect for life, with compassion for all living beings, with respect and reverence for the Creator of this world, with the deep-rooted belief in the great Oneness, the unity of all consciousness, where we ourselves in truth play no part. What plays a role in us is the perception of the I-being, the separation from the whole, which is only a dream, only an illusion – because there is nothing else but God.
      God is the stage of the world, God is the actor of the world, God is the spectator of this divine theatre and we are all drops, fragments of his eternal being. If we wake up, we wake up in Him and our ego/mind, our ego-consciousness is then gone.

      Our problem is also that in general we indeed direct our attention to our I-being, if we would indeed direct our attention, our longing, to the One, then the great illusion of separateness, of ego and mind, slowly disappears.

      With the help of God, who is also in this dream that we call life, in whatever way He shows Himself, it is possible to leave this dream, also through our efforts, without claiming anything in return, and take on His colour. If this happens, then the goal of our life, as the drop of the great Ocean reunites with it consciously and fully, is reached.

      The inheritance is ready, we only have to accept it and then align our life accordingly.

      Thank you very much for your important contribution, dear friend Harbhans.

      From friend to friend, from heart to heart


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