4 comments on “Scenes of Kirpal Sagar 2016

    • Good morning, dear Ellen,

      Yes, Kirpal Sagar is indeed like a small paradise where all world-religions are peacefully under one roof. Two major world-conferences on Unity of Man were already held there and it is a place where one can do selfless service for the poor and needy ones, a spiritual place of man-making, where we can learn the universal teaching of all competent Masters (a competent Master can really give a first-hand experience: light and sound (and not the light of the astral plane as so-called masters give), among those competent Masters, were and are (although they have left the body: this power, God-power is still working, but now directly in the Golden Age): Kabir, Guru Nanak, Rumi, Shamz, Christ, Sant Kirpal Singh and more

      If you are interested, dear Ellen, have a look here:


      Thanks, for stopping by and have a great time too – hope you are fine, my friend.

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