Selfless love


Aren’t we all yearning
For love and warmly treatment?
This cannot be bought
But can be found in selfless giving
In the light of one’s own heart
Sunshine for everyone
In sharing mutually

Then no shadow will touch us…

DidiArtist, 24.03.2018


32 comments on “Selfless love

    • Yes, dear Chuck πŸ™‚ – of course the X.mas time is always a bit stressy to prepare all things and we are travelling to Lapland and spend a week in a cosy log-house together with my daughter and her family. Hope we can see the polar lights πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you very much, my dear friend Kamal πŸ™‚
      As also Kabir used to say: First comes – humbleness, second comes – humbleness and third comes – humblesness – a chracter feature that we all should develop very deeply in us – then we start really to respect life, God, our brothers and sister, and respect all living creatures as well. Unfortunately is feature is not very much developed yet in us.
      Thank you for always being a good support for my blog, for my thoughts and words, dear Kamal πŸ™‚
      Hugs and love


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