Yearning of the soul


Kirpal Sagar


Following text about yearning of the soul can be read here:



Yearning of the soul

“O God, Your attention reaches far and wide, everywhere.
Millions of souls are longing for Your blessing – they are standing at Your door to get Your Naam.
But You give Naam only to those who love God from the core of their heart.”

All the disciple needs he can get just by surrendering fully at the feet of the Master. When the disciple surrenders to Him, Master is happy, for He sees: “My child who was sent into the world with many promises and got lost in the fair of the world, has now returned to me.” Then, full of joy, the Masterpower takes the child to the place where His work is done so that the child may get further lessons. That is called Satsang. Through His word and blessing He dyes the soul in His own colour so that it may never leave Him again, for Master wants to keep His child close to Him. The soul then knows, “My Father is highest in the whole universe, no one is equal to Him!”


When the soul gets these blessings, the disciple prays, “O Master, take away from me lust, anger, greed, attachment, and ego and give me the real life. I want to live at Your feet forever!” Inside, reaching at the gate to His throne, the soul recognizes Master’s abode as the treasure of Naam. Seeing Him distributing this treasure, the soul says, “Master generously distributes this unique treasure of Naam. I need this blessing from Him to cross the ocean of life.”

Weeping the soul begs, “O Master, do not leave me! If You are with me, all troubles and sorrows are gone and all attachments to the world are cut off. Under Your shelter and protection alone I can live, otherwise I am in the grip of the five thieves. When You are with me, the five thieves run away. Keep my face always turned to You! You have granted me Your help again and again, so I can overcome all those problems.” The soul further cries, “How great a burden You took on Your shoulders, how great the power You give us to cross the barriers! Without Your help we could hardly ever reach Your heart. Grant me the grace to sit under the shade of that tree (of Your grace) or plant this tree in front of my house. Branches and leaves of this tree should be made of truth, so that I may relish its fruits.” I am crying before You on behalf of myself, beseeching You not to send me into the wheel of life again.” A doctor can only be called who knows about the patient’s suffering. The soul says, “Take away from me lust, anger, greed, attachment, and ego, and give me the knowledge of Brahm (which cannot be gained unless one lives a pure life) and Bhakti (devotion to the Master). All that lies in Your hand.”

The soul knows that if the disciple has attained this knowledge and gets Master’s attention, even the gods and goddesses bow down before him. The soul says, “O God, Your attention reaches far and wide, everywhere. Millions of souls are longing for Your blessing – they are standing at Your door to get Your Naam. But You give Naam only to those who love God from the core of their heart.




11 comments on “Yearning of the soul

  1. Wisdom suffusing sharing. Our soul is purified if we realise the purpose of our life on this earth bereft of anger, greed, jealousy, ego, attachment etc. These negative traits keep us away from self-awareness.


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    • My dear friend Harbans

      As our soul is from the same essence as that of God – our soul is pure, but what is not pure, is our mind and with the help of a competent Guide, Teacher, Master etc. it is possible to overcome the thousands of tentacles our mind is equipped with (thousands of tricks in the field of lust, greed, anger, attachment, ego and more) – with such a help of God the true seeker after the truth will definately be help in this matter – alone we are able to clean our mind to a certain extent, but nevertheless need Someone who can give us an experience of the Beyond that mind -which is always after pleasures and wishes to be fulfilled will find something that is higher than that – once the mind has made an inner taste of this inner Beyond – it will give up to be after wishes and pleasures. With self-awareness – who we really are, where we come from, where we have to go – God-awareness is coming or God-realization in us. So the biggest hindrance on our way towards our real Eternal Home is our mind in us, mind and intellect (whereas intellect can be also a good helper used in right understanding). Of course, in a few words this huge subject cannot be conveyed and it needs in us much yearning beyond the mind’s “character”.

      I wish you and your family all that is good for you
      With warm regards

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      • Didi sir thanks a lot for a beautiful commentary on our soul and also the working of our mind. In fact as long as mind is in our control, we can realise the purpose of our existence. But it goes berserk then we lose everything that we have gained over a period of time. In fact to control it, we require the guidance of our GURUS and MASTERS so as to remove the smut that is there in our system so that our mind minds what it works and remain in our control.

        Thanks a lot for your sagacious commentary. Enlightening indeed.


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        • Thank you, my friend Harbans 🙂

          When we look at our world, there are only very very few people indeed who are able to control their mind. Once a holy person said: “If someone tells you, he can move mountains – this you may believe, and another tells: he can drink the whole water of the ocean – this you may also believe, but if someone says, he is in control of his mind – this you may not believe – as in our mind there is a thousand-headed hydra: once you cut one head two more will grow… so this is indeed a very very difficult task, but when we are utmost honest with ourselves and follow the instructions of the competent Master (those who can give us a First-Hand-experience of Light and Sound beyond the body-consciousness), then it is possible to overcome the tentacles of the mind. One thought is already enough to cause a reaction and the thoughts belong to the mind as well…

          Thank you again, my friend 🙂

          For you and your family a Merry Christmas, a practical love in every moment.
          Warm regards from heart to heart

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          • You are absolutely right when you say that our mind is multi-headed hydra, if one head is removed others may spring out. It means we have to work towards purifying our thoughts and become simple, detached, compassionate towards others and imbibe all those traits which make us a balanced personality. Then whatever we think and act would give us satiety all the time.

            Your thoughts are obviously very and remove the ignorance of a person like me. Thanks sharing.

            Thanks a million for wishing me and my family MERRY Christmas and reciprocate the feelings.


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