10 comments on “Between being and non-being

    • Thanks dear friend,

      I have not much read or heard from Eckhart Tolle, however, I was busy with philosophy and spirituality since about 40 years and have also written some poems about this subject. One I want to introduce you here, it is an old one from 1984:


      Where there is time
      There is space
      Where there is space
      There is time
      Is time endless
      Then endless is the space
      Is time same as space
      Then space is same as time

      And what am I?
      A time-space?

      Where life is
      There is death
      Where death is
      There is life
      Is life growing endlessly
      Then death is growing endlessly
      Is death same as life
      Then life is same as death

      And what am I?
      Dead-living, living-dead?
      A compromise beyond comprehensibility?

      I am the time
      Because I live and die
      I am the space
      Because I am the time

      I am a living-dying time-space
      A compromise between
      Comprehensibility and incomprehensibility

      Didi, 17.09.1984

      Thanks for your comment 🙂
      All good wishes

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