Interview with a visitor in Kirpal Sagar

Dear friends,

In this video an interview was held with a visitor who came to Kirpal Sagar and speaks about Sant Kirpal Singh, his experience and impressions. It’s really worthwhile to see and listen to it.

Wishing you all a good time.


Please, click on the link below:

Scenes of Kirpal Sagar, Febr. 2018 – Part III: Interview by Franca from Canada with Ramin from Iran


from Kirpal Sagar on Vimeo.

22 comments on “Interview with a visitor in Kirpal Sagar

    • Dear Ilona,

      I was not present in Kirpal Sagar when this interview was taken. But almost every year I am travelling to Kirpal Sagar and help to build up this wonderful place which belongs to the whole mankind and where all religions are peacefully under one roof and where poor and needy people are helped.

      All the best, dear Ilona πŸ™‚

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    • Welcome, my dear friend Kamal – yes and Kirpal Sagar is also a place to do Seva, means selfless service for the poor and needy people. We have built there also a hospital, school with over 700 students, a library that people may have a comparative study of different religions in different languages referring to holy scriptures and wise books. Poor people around Kirpal Sagar get free medication and free operations as well. Kirpal Sagar is a smith of ethic, moral and spiritual enrichment. So the students over there are educated with these high values and later can become living examples that may help to make our world a bit better through right understanding and living.

      Have a great time my friend πŸ™‚
      Hugs and love

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      • This is awesome and so nice to be doing selfless service for people who have no means of livelihood and where is this place, Didi. Is it in India. You are doing such a wonderful seva and you too must be feeling so happy doing so. Here in Mumbai I too was working with one NGO known as Hamara Footpath and we were teaching the children English and manners in how to live a good and moral life. Some of our children have gone to do so well playing football for their team and have been called abroad too and few others have passed their graduation too. Feel so nice for them and their families. Love and Light to you my dear friend.

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