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  1. It’s a million dollars question.We have to reflect on our activities and attitudes to find where we are heading towards. It is quite impossible for a person who has no control over himself/herself to tell about his/her intentions and the path he or she is following.It’s really very sad to say that most of the people are not able to be in the right track keeping with the intentions and attitudes.I mean it’s a mismatch hence the result is disappointing. It’s very difficult to teach a generation that considers themselves to be very intelligent and are too clever.Thanks for your hard work .🌹👍🙏

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    • Dear Francis,

      Indeed, the world is split into many facets, ranging from low to high understanding according to people’s own background, education, experiences etc. . The mainstream is like sheep: all run after each other and when one sheep runs into the fire the others follow too. We only can hope that mankind develops a higher understanding, consciousness. Intelligence alone does not help, we have to put our heart and head together in a compassionate way. Many people we see as quite clever, but this is rather cunning for their own advantage. What we need as Gandhi put it: “If you want to see a change in the world, be the change…” Or as my Master has put it: “Wanted: Reformers, not of others but of themselves.” We also really need new values where people may orientate their life towards. Now we see violence in the mass media, see sex and crimes, see vioence in games and so forth – as long as this kind of “cancer” is spreading in our society, how can they learn to become more humane, a better person. Our youth is influenced, infected with those bad values too. It really needs time to change this all that one day man can live in peace and harmony.

      Thanks for your contribution, dear friend Francis 🙂
      May God send more understanding into the hearts of the human beings.


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