Scenes of Kirpal Sagar

Dear friends,

In Kirpal Sagar, there is also a library meant for a comparative study of different religions – to understand the basic idea what all religions have in common, where there is a common denominator. Thus holy scriptures of different religions can be read there.
Wishing you all the best, my friends with sunshine in your heart.

6 comments on “Scenes of Kirpal Sagar

  1. Dearest Didi β€” Thank you for sharing this video, and I look forward to seeing more pictures as you post them. I hope you have more detailed pictures of the book collection itself!! Many times I have dreamt of being in a library with floor to ceiling (multiple stories high) bookcases filled with every book of wisdom every written in any age, all in their original languages. And in my dream, everyone can read and speak all of the languages, and we sit in groups around tables and discuss book after book after book, finding the connection and beauty that flows through them all, the Unity and the Love. I always presumed my dream too place in Heaven or some still-too-distant messianic era of peace and harmony between all Earth’s inhabitants. This post gives me hope that my dream might yet come true… from my heart to yours, jen

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    • My dear Jen,

      This library in Kirpal Sagar is indeed very unique as it collects all Holy and wise Scriptures from different religions and cultures, even in different languages. One day it will be like that that all those scriptures will be available in all kind of languages with the aim to achive a comparative study of the religion and get the understanding that we all are ONE by the ONE – about unity of man, being ALL brothers and sisters in the ONE – then those conflicts which we see in our world, nations against nations, cultures agains cultures, religions against religions will cease and will be replaced with right understanding, with love towards each other – and Kirpal Sagar was already before 100000 years decided to be established in this world – to bring peace and consciousness to this world, a big change in the Golden Age. Your honourable wish will come true, dear Jan.

      Light in your heart

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