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    • Thank you very much, my dear friend Kamal ๐Ÿ™‚
      Love of friendship, partnership and love for the whole creation needs to be unconditional, otherwise love becomes a business of give and take, which is rather the worldly love that so many people practise in their lives, love that contains conditions, ultimatums, selfishness, jealousy, demands, blackmails and egoistic advantages – we should all rise above this kind of love and allow love to become unconditional, like the sun that gives light and warmth free of charge to everyone, without asking anything in return.

      Thank you, my friend and have a great day
      Hugs and love to you

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      • Yes I completely agree dear Didi with these valuable feedback and why keep hatred and jealousy when there is pure love and happiness at all times. We need to be unconditional love and learn to give and give without asking anything in return. Welcome dear and love and hugs to you too.

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        • Tototally right, my friend ๐Ÿ™‚
          Hate, lust, ego, attachment, greed, anger – they are in fact the 5 thieves in us bringing our attention to evil things and are part the major part of our mind, are the clouds that cover the sun (soul) so we have to start to control our thoughts from which all reactions ripple – in doing so, our words will become good and so also our deeds – but this is a learning process – it does not happen from today till tomorrow, the more mistakes we find in us, the finer they are, helping us to grow our consciousness by the help of His grace. When we develop yearning for God all those little steps come automatically and it is said: when we make one step, then God approaches us with thousands of steps as He helps people who help themselves. In us is good and bad, both powers and we have to transform all bad habits we have into good habits.

          Thanks, my dear friend for this dialogue ๐Ÿ™‚
          Love and light to you

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  1. friendship, love, acceptance a divine word and relationship that help us grow..for me a strength which helps me going each day.. my friends, their love and care is my medicine and energy for each day that i can breath. and the love of the unseen power keeps my faith alive..

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