Unique ways


Some people like to play General
Are in love with greed on power
Some hide
Behind their knowledge
Some fish in troubled waters
Lose themselves in speculations
Some seek pride, satisfaction
In wrestling intellectually
Some want to have attention
Through self-pity
Some keep themselves high
To keep others low
Some use force
To detract from their fear
Some sow fire
And burn in it
Some know everything better
Not to be worse off

But some people lose themselves
To find themselves…

DidiArtist, 18.03.2014


32 comments on “Unique ways

  1. I think, dear Didi, that if people could understand in advance what they would “find,” they’d be less afraid of “losing” what they know as their selves… but they can’t begin to imagine… and words can’t begin to do it justice…
    all the best for your soul, jen

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    • Yes and this understanding is a process of development, experiences and so everyone has to find the footprints of the truth – for some it takes longer for others less time… so this life school is mixed with all kind of types and interim stages, but we cannot make all the same at the same time – everyone is like flower which needs sunshine and rain to be in full blossom and we have to fall in traps even again and again until we get this understanding that it was and is a trap.

      Thank you very much, dear Jen
      Sunshine in your heart


    • Once we see and understand that our mind tries to attach us with wishes to be fulfilled, wishes upon wishes to harvest a bit happiness for a short time, then we strongly ask ourselves what the sense of life is – is it to found a family and pass forward to them our own habits and unanswered question (not often even without any questions…), to build a house, to have pleasure here and there? – no, this is surely not the sense of our life. We should ask ourselves: Where we come from, where do we have to go, who we are and what is our purpose and sense of life? – Here spirituality begins: “Man know thyself” – when we are attached to our ego and mind to follow its instruction to go from wish to wish – then it is clear that we are slaves of it. So why not going oppsite way: away from our ego, from our I, from our mine and thine – this is; The deepest knowledge lies in the fact to be of service and help to others (not to oneself – as with serving others, we also help ourselves) – These are not my words: these are the words of my Master.

      So thank you very much, dear friend and all what is good for you.

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  2. We all try to hide
    behind the smokescreen
    of our creation
    it may be our false pride
    our false ego’
    which do not allow
    us to know our natural self


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  3. yes, thanks dear Harbans for you contibution and paying attention to my poem πŸ™‚
    in fact our mind always wants to put our attention to the world and it magic, losing in wishes – so that our attention is seldom deeply absorbed in God, in our real home (if we all would be wishless happy, we already would have got to know our Self and with this as the next step – God.

    Thanks, my friend
    Best wishes (the wish not wish)

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    • Thank you, my friend πŸ™‚
      Real meditation also starts from the inner darkness and leads finally to the light. And when we find in this light Him, our purpose of life is fulfilled.
      All the best, dear friend and have a happy weekend πŸ™‚
      Hugs and love


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