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  1. Interesting question. At first I thought that maybe Judeo-Christian traditions don’t have this and that it may have been that this tradition of weeping for gods (especially when they had to descend into darkness etc) was specifically excluded perhaps because of comments about weeping for Tammuz etc in the Bible. But then under Trinitarian though, I guess Christ has to be identified with God? Don’t know… Maybe someone weeps for God?

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    • Dear friend,

      According to the teaching of my Master Sant Kirpal Singh, Christ-power, Guru-power, Master-power or God-power is all the same – this power works then in persons who have overcome the mind and they follow the commandments of Jesus Christ and Christ said: “If you love me keep my commandments..” As I wrote that we weep for all kind of things in the world but for the One who has created the world – noone is crying? – out of compassion, out of seeing the force working, out of seeing how much “pain” He takes on His shoulders – it is sympathy, empathy that makes once cry who is able to see the God-power working… So it happened to the competent Masters like Baba Jaimal Singh, Baba Sawan Singh, Guru Nanank, Kabir, Maulana Rumi etc…. when we pray we usually pray for us, have selfish wishes, when we pray for others these prayers will be heard (if they do not have a selfish motive) and when we pray to God for God sake then…

      Wishing you all the best and a nice weekend

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        • Yes, dear friend, usually people pray for themselves it is because of our mind/ego. When we love someone then we do everyhing for her or him, even when we have to give our life if necessary and love shows that we can think of others and not just on ourselves. This is indeed noble. If you are interested in the subject prayer I would like to recommend one book written by my Master:


          Have a nice Sunday and all the best

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            • – praying in fact is not really necessary – If trust in God is so great to know that His ear is all the time at the heart of man listening – then He knows the heart and knows how to handle situations – this is called “prayerless prayer”

              All the best, dear friend

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              • ‘Brierley looked up at me. He showed no signs that he was thinking along those lines.
                – Should we pray? [I asked. Well, it had still seemed the most sensible thing to say to a curate at the time!]
                He spoke without turning to address me as such.
                – I believe that there may not be much point in that. [Without registering it, I took it from that comment that the child was already deceased and beyond any intervention. What he said subsequently, whilst being unexpected, did not change the former conclusion fundamentally.] …Prayer is chiefly for beginners, Matthew. We have to do better than that.

                I too was quite gripped by the water swollen corpse of the deceased child. As I said, that is when we view our own time-delimited mortality face-to-face and I was no exception to that general rule. However, it is also the time in which folk such as I sometimes speak of serious matters without giving them the requisite amount of forethought. Sometimes that is actually beneficial for revealing deeper thoughts and bringing them to the surface from the Mind. In his own manner, Brierley had actually just done so too.
                – Prayer is only vanity. [I responded.]

                Brierley started and looked around, clearly most interested in what I had just said. But he kept his concentration (albeit by utilising all his iron determination) and returned to matters at hand’

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                • Dear friend,

                  Thanks for sharing your comment. Sure there are many people who have selfish wishes and pray just for themselves for health, success and the like. These can be linked with vanity as well. However, then we have also people who seriously pray for mankind, for other people.

                  And he are the words of my Master:

                  ” True Prayer

                  Prayer is the salt of life

                  Prayer is the salt of life and we cannot do without it. It is ingrained in the nature of man to pray for the fulfillment of his wishes whatever they be. But more often than not we do not know what we may really pray for, how to pray, and what we may do to make our prayer a great dynamic force as may stir up heaven’s mercy.

                  The secret of a successful prayer

                  The secret of a successful prayer lies not so much in the words we use, nor in the time we devote to it, nor in the effort that we put into it, as it lies in the concentrated attention that we may give it at the seat of the soul so as to make it soulful. The most natural form for a fruitful prayer is the yearning of a soul without the agency of words, oral or mental, with the tongue of thought. A prayer like this generates and releases such a fund of spiritual energy that all the cosmic powers are attracted and combine together, shaping out things as best as possible.

                  The highest aim of a prayer

                  A true prayer is one continuous process, independent of form, time and place, and leads ultimately to the stage of Sehaj – a halcyon calm, a perfect equipoise and a complete satiety, with no desire whatsoever. This then is the climax of a genuine prayer, and here prayer itself ceases to be a prayer and becomes a state of being as one gradually rises first into cosmic consciousness, with the divine will fully revealed unto him. This is the be-all and the end-all of prayer.”

                  So prayers also have certain levels until a prayer becomes a “prayerless prayer”.

                  All the best

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              • Thanks for sharing, dear friend πŸ™‚

                Right now I have studied parts of hiel and his idea of self-denial. Indeed, if God is One, then we are all part of Him on one side but are not existing on the other side – as He is One – the highest form of reaching God is denial oneself – so we denial ourselves but not our Self -as the Self is realized as God, the higher Self in us. – we all live a life of illusions, maybe we are just a dream… from a dream to awakening…

                Thanks also for your linking me to your page with “a certain measure of perfection” – in this case I still need to read more about.

                Have a nice time

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            • I do not know Hiel, but Unity of Man was founded by Sant Kirpal Singh and there were even 3 world-conferences on Unity of Man. The first in 1974 organised by Sant Kirpal Singh – The idea is that we are all sitting in the same boat, that we are human beings first of all, no matter which religion we belong to, no matter the skin-colour, no matter the nationality – but we have to develop us as human being, as we are under control of our mind – so the world is an ego and mind world more or less. Unity, however, refers also to the fact that we are all one, like the water drop is one with the ocean (only our mind and ego separates it). – so unity already exists from the point of view of Oneness, but from the point of mind we are all separated and not together as one.

              Here an excerpt about Unity of Man:
              ” Unity of Man

              Sant Kirpal Singh gave at the end of His life, instructions for the setting of the movement Unity of Man. He wanted His work to continue, so that the message of the unity of man can reach every human heart irrespective of religious and social labels so that it comes home to every individual. Truly speaking, unity already exists: as man – born in the same way, with the same privileges from God; and as soul – a drop of the ocean of all consciousness called God.

              The movement Unity of Man is registered as a spiritual, cultural and charitable non-profit-organization, initiated in 1974. It is headquartered at Kirpal Sagar, India, a great project dedicated to social and spiritual advancement.

              Unity of Man does not intend to affect the existing social and religious orders; without preference to any particular religion, Unity of Man respects all religions. Everyone should remain in his own religion but live according to the higher principles given therein.

              It is our intention to spread enthusiasm for the ideal of Sant Kirpal Singh: Be good – Do good – Be one. The whole humanity is one family and each one is a member of it. Irrespective of caste, colour or creed, man is man first.”

              Thanks for sharing your comment.
              Have a good time

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            • Self-denial is one way – another one as Kabir, Guru Nanak and so forth have practised it themselves is “Surat Shabd Yoga” to go the middle way via the third eye or shiv netra or single eye in the Bible. This way leads us above our body consciousness, above the astral, causal, super-causal region up to the region of pure consciousness called Sach Khand – this requires a disciplined and etical life, selfless service, light and sound meditation (as light and sound penetrates the whole creation) – once the our mind comes to an absolute silence not even vibrations of thoughts, then it leads us above the body, the same procedure what happens during the time of death – when the sould leaves the body at the seat of the soul between and behind the two eyes – then all fear, death fear included – has vanished – and so a disciplined disciple can “die” many times in a day while living… and get in contact with the inner worlds. The expression of Jesus Christ: “I and my father are one” – expresses this too.

              Thank you one more time

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  2. Really interesting concept Didi. I’d like to share my thoughts on this if I may…..
    I believe that our creator God is pure love and his plan for us is to know him personally, to encounter his love and have a relationship with him. I believe that God weeps for humanity so when I weep on behalf of God, it is with compassion for people. God doesn’t need our tears, however he has asked us to look after one another and show Jesus’ love to every single person.
    Hope you don’t mind me commenting.
    Hayley 😊

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    • Dear Hayley

      Indeed it is like that – out of compassion and empathy we cry for God too – it is to see Him working and is to see him suffering too as we still are often far from being conscious and sure is also: when we love God we also love all his creatures – when seeing so much suffering and hate in the world we cry for the people, then we get a glimpse of understanding about the work of God, our Giver of life – how much He has to take on His shoulders – He must be an Ocean of love and bear all dirt from the worldly rivers of hate, violence and fights (not only dirt of course) – then it is God who will dry our tears…

      Thanks for sharing your opinion – which was excellent πŸ™‚
      All good wishes

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  3. I keep coming back to this post and the question you’ve asked, dear Didi, and I think it’s because it reminds me of a poem by Kabir about how Kabir wept when he understood how humble God is. I like this post a lot. Thank you for sharing, jen

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    • Thank you so much, dear Jen πŸ™‚
      If you also like Kabir, I recommend to read his books: “Diolougues of Kabir” and/or “The Anurak Sagar” – two books full of divine wisdom and once Kabir said: “I have God forgotten for 1 second – and it appeared like 50 years…” Kabir came from the highest Power. This highest power can work and sit in one pure person and can use this person as a mouth-piece, as a Gurmukh in the “Will of God” – this happens only when we are totally free from ego, lust, hate, anger, attachment and wishes – then God can take seat in us and He is the Doer then, no longer our ego… Take your time, dear Jen, take always one step at a time (with full attention) – read a bit and digest first… also the books of Sant Kirpal Singh are a deep start with the true load of spirituality.


      The links for the books are in red – and they are free as the air we breathe – and so spirituality in its true essence should always be free and available for the true seeker of the truth.

      Have a good time, my friend

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  4. Lovely and profound words, Didi. We all weep for desires and for people who pass away which is all a passing phase but the One Lover of God who knows Him will only weep for him and tell him, God when will the day come when I will know who you Really Are.

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