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    • Once a holy person said: “If someone tells you that you can drink the whole ocean – this may believe and if another person tells you that he can move mountains, also this you may believe, but when someone tell us that he has overcome his mind – this we may not believe…” In this sense we can see how really difficult it is to be in control of our mind – this may happen when we lose our identity, then no ego and mind can interfere, if we understand that we are a borrowed life given by God, then we are no longer the doers – as there is only One Doer… Kabir says: “The world is sleeping and noone is really happy…” our mind tries to copy the soul to find happiness in matter and wishes – then temporarilly we seem to be happy – however, it is not this permanent happiness which only the soul can have. If we absorb ourselves deeply in God then we may lose our identity and adopt the colour of God, live in the will of God. Also this is only possible by God’s will and grace. Alone we cannot do such a thing. When we really from the depth of our heart yearn for God, and not for the material world we live in (which is not our true home) – He will surely make arrangements to help such a person. Only when we live and do 100% for others, not for us, not even 1 % for us, Then slowly slowly we give up our ego and mind and it will turn into His Will with His grace.

      Thank you very much for your contribution to this very important subject.

      Another thing:
      When you really plan to come to Kirpal Sagar then you can refer to the invitation of Unity of Man:

      “If you would like to visit Kirpal Sagar, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you with the organization of the journey and the accommodation on site. We are also at your disposal for further information.


      Kirpal Sagar (near Rahon)
      Distt. Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar (Nawanshahar)
      Punjab 144517


      e-mail: info@unity-of-man.org Phone: +43-6227-7577

      Phone: +43-6227-7577 (Unity of Man Austria)

      From heart to heart dear friend

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      • Thanks a lot Didi sir for your knowledge suffusing commentary.

        Losing our identity is the real issue. Here everything gets merged – a situation of nothingness emerges. You are not what you are and what you are, you may or may not be knowing. It happens many a times in our day to day routines.

        We are actually after a mirage, we want happiness but this eternal happiness we cannot lose ourselves. As it is, we have identity crisis. We identify ourselves with worldly things and relationships but do not identify ourselves with permanent or eternal ones.

        It is also a fact that we are not able to control our mind and its functioning. It goes awry and hankers after impermanence. There is much in little-little things which are around us but we fail to identify these things because of veil of created by our mind .

        Just absorbing ourselves in GOD makes things clearer will not only makes our life easier but also we could comprehend the real meaning of life and with it body, mind and soul relationship.

        Your enlightening commentary has a magnetism.

        As far as our meeting at KIRPAL SAGAR is concerned, I have noted the address and other information. If it is so destined, we shall meet.

        I shall be going to my home town (Jammu) on 8th Nov 18 and come back after about week’s time from there. I have my ancestral house wherein my relatives and friends live. I have to meet them. This would be my first visit this year to my home town. Going there is in my hand and coming back would be determined by the time factor.

        Let’s keep our fingers crossed for our meeting. I shall communicating you about this afterwards.

        I am also waiting for this meeting and get some enlightening thoughts from you and the environment around KIRPAL SAGAR.


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