Time surfing



We are surfing on a wave of time
The clock hand moves further
Change us and everything around us
Tick tack, tick tack

If we look backward, life is extinct
Only the echo in our heads keeps it alive
Once it was the future and became the present
And the present became the past

Let us look forward to the unknown
Disguised as an unfinished building
With each breath a further brick laid
Manifests itself, becomes a living now

Time is ticking in us, aging us
Takes us by the hand in an eternal change
Like a bubble that pops up and bursts
Opens new doors: Tick tack, tick tack

DidiArtist, 03.08.2020


10 comments on “Time surfing

    • Thank you, dear Amira 🙂
      Yes, I also feel like that. When you are young, you do not feel it as the whole life is in front of you, you do not generally even think of the time, but you flow unattached within the stream of time. Maybe, when we get older, our spirit is caught by an invisible “Black Hole” drawing us faster and faster into it – in order to spit us out finally, “on the other side”, where it is called “The White Hole” starting a new life…
      Thanks, dear friend and have a great week ahead 🙂
      From heart to heart 🙂

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  1. Hi dear Didi! Oh I loved your imagery! I can totally agree with you as we are probably being accelerated into that Black hole, so we can start a new life in the bright side through the other side from the White hole! LOL! That’s wonderful! 🙂

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