Smiling Unfriendliness



Some people are friendly on the outside
They carry a double-edged sword:
As long as everything runs their way
They remain kind and gentle
However, if their principles are compromised
They start punishing you, condemning you
Behind their backs
With a smile on the corners of their mouths
Of their forked tongue
They excuse their behavior with the argument:
“We remained friendly to the end…”

DidiArtist, 04.08.2020


7 comments on “Smiling Unfriendliness

  1. Yes,it’s very true .It is the attitudes of such people that enables the others to notice the ever kind and generous people who remain ever faithful despite their struggles and problems of life.I mean we must allow the darkness to prevail so that the light is welcomed gleefully by all of us.Thanks a lot for sharing .Take care.🌹👍🙏

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    • Dear Francis,

      if we allow the darkness within us to take over, then we are on a roller coaster and that is what happens to us. Off a little bit of happiness and then backslides, sadness, pain, only to receive the sunlight again, an eternal up and down. There is another possibility: the so-called darkness, the brightness, day and night, good and evil, both are within us, duality. What if we overcome this duality and awaken the original light within us? When we know that all is One, all is One in the One, but we are only the shard of it, of a broken mirror, and overcome this illusion within us, the illusion that the whole is broken, but hold on to the fact that everything is still One, then we reach a point where the veil of duality is torn off us (with God’s help). I once wrote: “The mind (and ego) separates and the soul unites… this is our common connection, we are all already connected, only our ego, our mind separates us, lets us experience a kind of I.
      It is a very difficult subject and I hope I was able to express myself in a reasonably understandable way.
      I thank you for your support and for the words of your comment.
      All that is good for you and yours 🙂


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