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  1. If I have not been responding a lot, I am caregiving for my Richard right now and have been since May. It is not easy to be a caregiver for anyone no matter how much you love them, and so I struggle to find ways to take care of myself too. I am meditating a lot, especially in the early evening hours, perhaps prettiest time of day. I go out on our porch and sit in a canvas chair and listen to the wind moving through the trees softly in our area. That is pretty relaxing. My mind is just very tired now, because this caregiving isn’t just physical. I must keep all his medical records, make all the appointments and see to it that we get to them in a timely manner, take him to ER when he is really ill, help him to get dressed, help him in the bathroom and to shower and to help him eat by cutting up his food and making sure he doesn’t choke. He cannot use his right arm since he had his second cervical surgery and he cannot walk much at all. It is funny how life can change so immensely overnight. Anyway, I am dedicated and will make sure he is OK. I do love him and that makes all the work ok.

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    • Dear Anne,

      You surely do a great job – service to man is also service to one’s own soul – and when we take care of near and dear ones, we do it usually like the sun is giving warm sunshine – with do it with love and out of love. I understand it very well, in which situation you are now: my wife has cancer and I arrange also for her many things and have to organize things as well.


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