Wave of time




Like sparkling light
We surf on waves
Meeting, greeting people
On the sea of life

Storms may shake us
Make afraid us
But when the night has passed
All forgotten fast

Waves taste shores and islands
A noisy journey, seldom silence
And while all is on the go
Age is coming on tiptoe

Wind of time sets the sail
Crosses our trail
Drags us here and there
Demands its share

Inhales life to make us change
From young to old
In order to arrange
Moments to unfold

Moments in return
Breath of time
Has one concern
Life to climb

DidiArtist, 01.08.2018





17 comments on “Wave of time

    • My dear Amira

      Thank you so much for nominating me for the Lyrical Challenge, which I fully appreciate. Recently I came to the conclusion that I have participated already enough for awards challenges and decided in future not to participate in them anymore. I hope you will understand it, however, you have my sincere thankfulness 🙂

      Love and light to you, dear friend

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  1. The waves of the time do not wait for anyone
    it goes on at its own pace
    racing our domain
    without synching with our pace
    whence we waste the time
    we lose the time and ourselves too sometimes
    in this race of time



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