Colour of God



Some are so much confused
They mistake love for blind hate
Some twist peace with violence
While others hide behind the name of God
Commiting murder in their blind hate
A fire burns in them: – the fire of hell?
They come with lies and promises from ambush
Enticing other persons without shame
To infect them with their illness and fire –
Who do not know the difference of love and hate
Manipulating them as their marionettes
However, many good people are out there
Who really know from their hearts:
Love does not know any violence
As it is the true colour of God…

DidiArtist, 06.01.2017


19 comments on “Colour of God

  1. Love has in it all a healing balm really
    Hate is illusionary
    Love can win us friends aplenty
    Hate brings about enmity
    Love brings about unity in diversity
    Hate brings about division and disunity.


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