Ignorance in hurting people

Often we are not aware when we hurt someone
For we are so much busy with ourselves, not seeing
That our reaction has a hurting content
As a motto: “I come first…”

We are fast with prejudices
See things on the level of our ego
Too proud to admit when mistakes made
Leave the hurt one alone: “Not my business…”

There is fear to face the truth
That we were wrong, ego-oriented?
A chess-player cannot just see his own chess pieces
Needs to step into each other’s shoes

Only then we learn the “moves” of the other
Better to understand, better to react
Instead of adopting the position: “I do not care…”
So also no reactions – can hurt…

These thoughts packed in silence
Are like an arrow shot into the other’s heart…

DidiArtist, 15.01.2020


3 comments on “Ignorance in hurting people

  1. Yes, dear Didi, so well said…”Like a chess player” we should try to put ourselves into other’ people’s shoes… We may never know how they truly feel inside,the burdens they carry… we are quick to judge from our perspective; while seldom do we give a thought to our actions and words or lack thereof. We all make mistakes as we go along, so trying to be mindful of our words, deeds and actions is a helpful reflective practice. As you so wisely put it, also no actions or reaction can hurt… because everything we do has a consequence whether we are aware of it or not…
    Thank you for this reflective poem dear friend! ❀

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