Journey to become honest and pure

To be honest
Is a matter of consciousness
To know our own mistakes
A process – walking into the depth

It is easy to say: “I am honest”
How many things we have overseen
Have not considered as honesty, dishonesty
In our daily life?

Yes, I am honest according of what I know
About my present state of mind
Present knowledge of myself
But what about the ignorance of myself?

Then I have missed many things
To consider as honesty, dishonesty
So walking in ourselves
Is to discover, to know ourselves – more and more…

What I claimed yesterday as honesty
May be today under a broadened horizon
So we bear honesty on our shoulders
To get lighter and lighter from ourselves…

The more we find us
The more we lose us
Detached from the world and even ourselves
To become pure in our hearts…

DidiArtist, 15.01.2020


14 comments on “Journey to become honest and pure

    • Thanks a lot, dear friend – we are all children of God and what all religions have in common is – LOVE
      Christ said: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself…” and if our neigbor has another religion, another skin colour or another culture, another religion – then we should also love them as we all are one big family on this planet, we all are human beings. This love we have to practice in our daily life, not just using words, we have to live up to this commandment.

      Thank you very much for this big compliment 🙂
      Hugs and love

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  1. Didi I loved this profound poem and I have already commented on Amira’s blog. So nice of her to reblog. A journey from illusion to reality and then once we know who we really are then there is no looking back but catch the feet of the Lord and go along with him.

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