Justified judging – mission impossible



Justice and injustice
Are subject to sympathy and antipathy

To be without prejudice
When judging a man
Is not possible
Because we are not within the
Causal effects and causes
Of a person we judge and condemn
As we do not live the life
What another man lives

We have only
The tiny life excerpt
of one we judge
Not his overall view

However, we judge and condemn
As if we knew – everything
about that man


DidiArtist, 11.05.2017


How we should treat us


When treating all human beings equally
Noone will be preferred, noone ignored.

This is a simple way
How we all should treat us:
With respect, no better, higher
From man to man
With friendly words
They do not cost anything…

DidiArtist, 30.05.2018


Groundless knowledge



Knowledge created
Without a foundation
Somewhere, anywhere
Without gravity
With all kind of cards:

Philosophies til
Naturual sciences
Groundlessly they arise
A bilding start in the air
Lacking the start

Walk from
Thesis to antithesis
As new thesis:
Synthesis –
Houses of cards

Hanging somewhere
In the making
Reach for stars
Empty handed

Void is knowledge
Intellect bows down
Where language speaks
Without words and thoughts
Where chart rooms collapse

Magic knowledge between
Beginning and ending
In empty silence containing
All questions, answers
Life without death, time…

DidiArtist, 30.03.2018