How we should treat us


When treating all human beings equally
Noone will be preferred, noone ignored.

This is a simple way
How we all should treat us:
With respect, no better, higher
From man to man
With friendly words
They do not cost anything…

DidiArtist, 30.05.2018


24 comments on “How we should treat us

    • Dear Cheryl

      It is because we are under control of our mind and our mind is changing its colours like the wind changes – one moment we can laugh and the next moment we are angry or even cry – the spectrum of the mind defines our acting and reacting – and often we blindly react, are stressed or nerved about something – we do not have yet overall picture of life: that we all are brothers and sister in the ONE and so we rather treat us as foreigners, as enemies and some as friends (where we give preference) and do not see the ONE in each of us, if we would understand this “little thing”, we would show respect to everyone, to honour God or the God-power, living in each human being, in them. The is still a long way until a major change will come in the development of mankind…

      Thanks dear Cheryl πŸ™‚
      All good wishes

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      • Dear Didi, thanks so much for the explanation. It makes sense. It’s a simple but difficult thing for humanity to understand. Perhaps it’s too simple? Love is so easy, it’s more difficult for some.

        Kind regards, cheryl

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