Alchemy: love




Love, a golden light
A shining star
Glowing warmth
Bringer of gifts

Space is its bow
Time its arrow
Whatever it hits with light
Turns into gold

Leaves traces in the heart
A smile on the lips
Caught in light, pure happiness
Eternal bliss

Embraced in sweet delight
Locked hearts to open
To pour its light into vessels
Of feelings and emotions

Two hearts hit, now ponder in sync
In golden light
Like a shining star
Torchbearer of love and light…

DidiArtist, 08.08.2018

37 comments on “Alchemy: love

    • Thanks, dear friend πŸ™‚

      A time will come when a spiritual revolution will go around the world like a wild fire and nothing and no-one is able to extinguish those flames. Waves of consciousness will touch the hearts of people.

      Thanks my friend and to think positively will also contribute against the spiritual pollution we see in the world.

      All good wishes

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      • I believe we are in the midst of a large scale awakening. I have hope that this will propel us and our brothers and sisters into a higher level of consciousness so that we may fight what you so aptly described as “spiritual pollution”. As long as we shine our light, others will see it and shine theirs. It is an honor doing the work with you in this lifetime my friend, Ase.

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    • Dear Megha,

      As short time ago I have stopped participating in awards as I have done it really many times already – now I think that others may get this chance too. Anyway, dear Megha, I am honoured that you nominated me for this Random Acts of Kindness Award πŸ™‚
      Thank, you so much, my friend. I think you understand my point.

      From heart to heart

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