Clenched fist


There is a huge difference
If you want to hurt someone
Or you are hurt by mistake
Without the intention to hurt

Then the mistake
Becomes violent
In response…

An escalation founded
On misunderstandings…

How much violence we see in the world
Based on misunderstandings?

DidiArtist, 11.10.2015


44 comments on “Clenched fist

    • Dear Chuck,

      It is up to our mind. Therefore, we have to dive deeply into it in order to understand it. Once we understand it, then we can prevent us from commiting something that is based maybe on ignorance, non-knowledge, that is not aware to us – it is like opening your eyes and suddenly you see traps here and there which you have not seen before, consequences we have to bear when not taking care. Maybe this kind of barrier we have in us that can lead to misunderstandings and misunderstandings to further ripples of a stone thrown into a smooth lake – maybe this is there in us that we have to notice it, to become aware of it, to develop us consciously as for example problems are there to overcome them. They often turn out as a good medicine and makes us even stronger when we have overcome them. It is like learning from mistakes. This progress is surely not possible at the same time for everyone, as each of us has a different background, different education, different culture, way of thinking according to our own experiences. However, it is a way to get to know ourselves: “Man know thyself…”

      So I think there is no defect in us – in the end all is perfect. But is subject to a time-factor, our own development.

      Thank you very much, dear Chuck
      From heart to heart

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  1. Affirmative sir, we tend to over-react due to our misunderstanding the exact meaning of what others want to convey and also are not able to understand the true meaning of our life and go on hankering from one issue to other without reaching to a truth thereby sometimes we go off the tangent – clenched fist type, THANKS AND REGARDS.

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    • Thank you very much, my dear friend, Harbhans πŸ™‚
      Yes and this all is because the mind controls the soul, it directs us here and there, it runs amok with desires and wishes to be fulfilled, it copies short term happiness in its wishes but does not get the evergreen happiness that the soul has when it would control the mind or when it is above of ego and mind. The question remains what mind and ego really are? they are the negative power, called Kal, they consist of matter, they are illusions, a fake around the soul, they are Maya that influences us as much as possible in our daily life. Our real home is not consisting of matter, has no time nor space but is the light and love, consciousness, and real life, the Home of God.
      Warm regards in thankfulness

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