Creation: there and not there



The whole creation is like
A white sheet of paper
As long no lines are drawn
All dormant lines are within
All that we can imagine
And even not imagine
As long no forms are visible

Is this the imagination
Of All and nothing?
Is this something
Between reality and illusion?
Are all opposite values
A sheet of paper
Full of lines and forms?

Are we the lines and forms
Not seeing the white sheet of paper?
The unity and Oneness in all
All and nothing therein?
Are we God’s imagination
Projected on this paper
Called creation?

A living illusion
Within a labyrinth of endless worlds…

DidiArtist, 11.01.2020


14 comments on “Creation: there and not there

  1. A living illusion in this labyrinth called Illusion. A blank sheet of paper for sure of God’s Creation where he is the Creator, the Illusionary body playing each and every character to his best. He the Only One there is No One But Him come down from his conscious divinity and being unconscious in all of us and going back to consciousness. Lovely words of Truth, Didi and the picture was apt with your words.


  2. White paper indeed and we doodle anything on that paper and create something unique but on the other hand we can write something very annoying for others and to ourselves even. Everything exists in us and it is our choice whether we want to pen down something creative or something destructive. God has given us this life also, we can earn goodness or bad traits choice is ours. Thanks and regards.

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