Ships of life


We steer our lives
Along by friend-ship
Discover comrade-ship
Foster fellow-ship

Perceive battel-ships
Dispute over owner-ships
Anchored to dictator-ships
Where people take on hard-ships

Waves crashing against our ship
Between censor-ship and freedom
Take part in the champion-ship
Of the apprentice-ship of sailing lives

One day our ship will reach the port
Where harmony and love reign
Between man and man: partnership
Ship’s name: Relation Ship

DidiArtis, 31.05.2018


45 comments on “Ships of life

    • Thanks, dear Cheryl πŸ™‚
      Often we simply overlook in the words more meanings and sometimes when having a close look at it we discover more “word-layers” and meanings.
      A great weekend to you

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    • Thank you very much, dear Amira – sitting in peace and silence I get many inspirations to write pomes or aphorisms – it is like music you compose playing on the strings of life.

      Also for you a happy day


    • …and it makes me happy, when you are happy with “my” thoughts and words – the credit goes to my Master as He was the one who has to me so much about life and mind.

      Thank you one more time, dear friend πŸ™‚


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    • I will do so as I like to write poems and aphorism as well creating digital art (in my family there are more artists). In about 10 minutes the next peoem and digital photo will be online πŸ™‚
      πŸ€— and love πŸ™‚

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