Dreaming life




We dream our life
In all facets
Spin the thread

Immerse in the depth
Dream we are awake
Stumble over Illusions
Grasping void

Take us by our hands
Dreaming life together
Virtual matrix
Fed and shadowy life

We enter spaces
Whole Universes
Lose us in echos
On the pulse of time

Separate our being
To taste unique life
Experience happiness
In endless wishes

Chained to attachments
We carry heavy loads
Fall victim to them
Deceptive promises

Deeply we sleep in this world
Not knowing we are sleeping
We dream our life
To be alive

Time to be awake
To leave own reflection
Shadow matrix
To live real life

DidiArtist, 08.08.2018



22 comments on “Dreaming life

    • Thank you, dear Dany for your comment-poem, nice one πŸ™‚
      The last part: and “blooms unexpectedly like a flower in the desert” – is really great πŸ™‚
      Thank you very much and have a great time

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  1. In order to live a real life, we have to live a detached life from the maya of this world’s outer shine and pump and show and realise that this all is a dream which will come to an end.

    Thanks for sharing beautiful lines.


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